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July 14, 2020

Education, Thoughts

LSTN is providing acoustics consulting on the 650,000sf campus for the new Fulbright University outside of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.  While LSTN often works with educational institutions, it’s rare to have the opportunity to work with a new university on a new campus.

LSTN prioritizes understanding the unique needs of each of our projects.  With no existing organization with institutional memory (not to mention design standards) to build upon, LSTN had to develop a process to engage with the design visioning more actively:

  • In meetings with the new administrators and educators, we worked to understand the pedagogical imperatives of the new institution and presented our acoustical perspectives on the various learning models.
  • We deployed several acoustics strategies in the University’s temporary swing spaces and observed how the strategies impacted the learning process.
  • We codified the optimal acoustics strategies into new design standards for the university which have been applied to the University’s new campus.

The outcome of this process has informed and shaped the future of the university and we’re pleased to have had the opportunity to take part in that.

The new campus is just Phase 1 for the University.  We’re confident that as the university continues to operate, they will grow as an organization.  Their campus standards for acoustics will need to grow with the organization.  There is always more to learn.