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LSTN  is a boutique design firm that provides acoustics & audiovisual consulting for architectural projects

We seek work with selective clients with whom we can share enthusiasm and passion for their projects.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of project types, sizes and locales.  We seek work with selective clients with whom we can share enthusiasm and passion for their projects.  We bring a nimble and innovative perspective. We are a responsive and transparent organization, available to our clients.

LSTN believes that the design and construction industry should always be evolving to employ new technologies that produce better buildings more efficiently.  We believe there is room to improve on every project.  LSTN is committed to advancing our industry by eschewing tired assumptions, creating new solutions, and employing new analysis, materials, and methods.

We are compelled by projects of all sorts.  We believe that working across many building topologies broadens our understanding of building methodologies and deepen our grasp on the underlying technical principles.  This cross-pollination creates serendipitous discoveries that elevate our projects from the typical.

At LSTN, we prioritize understanding and developing the unique acoustics and audiovisual needs of a project within the context of our collaborator’s goals.  Owners, architects, and engineers benefit from the creativity and specialty technical skills we deploy to improve the holistic outcome of our projects.

Our designs are not prescriptive; they are bespoke.

LSTN  is
always under

Architectural Acoustics Consulting

  • Room Acoustics
  • Sound Isolation
  • Building Systems Noise and Vibration Control
  • Environmental Noise Control

Audiovisual Systems Design and Consulting

  • Production Sound and Video Systems for Venues
  • Presentation and Conferencing Systems for Commercial and Education
  • Interactive/Iconic Experiences
  • Broadcast Systems

Established in 2016 in New York, the firm is led by Ken Andria and Matt Mahon. 

As partners, Matt and Ken are responsible for the delivery of all projects. Ken and Matt bring diverse and complementary skills and experience.

Ken Andria

Ken has provided acoustic consulting for a wide range of high-profile and acoustically critical projects for over 15 years.  He formed LSTN in 2016 so that owners and architects could work with directly with a trusted principal consultant throughout the life of a project.  People work with Ken repeatedly because of the focus and composure he brings to projects.

Ken holds a master’s degree in architectural acoustics from RPI and a bachelor of architecture from Cornell.  Ken’s combined training in design and engineering is ideally suited to the unique demands of acoustic consulting.  It also makes him a compelling educator—Ken teaches building systems to undergraduate architects at the Pratt Institute. 

Matt Mahon

Matt’s work at LSTN follows more than a decade with the global engineering firm Arup where he provided acoustics and audiovisual consulting on many world-class projects, from cultural to commercial. Matt joined LSTN in 2019 to better cater to discerning clients, providing the boutique attention the best projects deserve.  People continue to work with Matt because of his curiosity and commitment to the final execution of projects.

Matt holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Northwestern and remains active in education:  He teaches acoustics to undergraduate engineers at Cooper Union and building systems to undergraduate architects at the Pratt Institute.  He is a regular contributor to panel discussions on the future of audiovisual design.