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January 1, 2020


We are designers who work with building owners, architects, engineers, and builders to optimize the acoustics of built spaces to achieve their highest purpose.  We think a lot about what that really means and how we can adapt our work to serve its highest purpose. 

The following are a few of our guiding principles:

  • We believe the best projects are not designed alone.  We fundamentally enjoy collaborating with others. And we find that it leads to the best project outcomes to co-create ideas that evolve into built spaces.
  • We believe the work, at its best, is a delicate mix of the technical and the creative.  Our work blends technical rigor with an eye to the holistic experience of occupying a space.  We don’t design to a number—We design for the people who will occupy our projects.
  • We believe the greatest danger to a project is to correctly solve the wrong problem.  Each project has unique acoustical needs and one size does not fit all.  One must start by understanding how people will use spaces and then develop the acoustic design to further those uses.
  • We believe we can best influence a project by being involved throughout design and construction.  The sooner we can be involved in a project, the greater our impact.  But even the best designs can be derailed during construction.  The best outcomes are facilitated by remaining active in construction to ensure the design translates into reality.
  • We believe the best buildings have yet to be built.  The design and construction industry should always be evolving to employ new technologies that produce better buildings more efficiently.  We’re committed to constantly learning about new construction techniques and materials which will push the industry forward.