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January 1, 2020


We design audiovisual systems that promote better communication between people.

The audiovisual systems we design are typically installed in the context of architectural projects and so in addition to the core technology design we’re focused creating designs that are well-integrated with the architectural designs and properly supported by the electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering designs.

As consultants, we’re focused on supporting the competitive bidding of the installation of our designs.

The following are a few of our guiding principles:

  • The best designs start by making sure that the design answers the right question.  We engage with our clients to conduct a thorough needs analysis at the start of each project.  We interrogate the goals and objectives of each project to make sure that once we start designing, we’re designing to the real needs of the project and, particularly, the people who will use the technology.
  • Designs must consider a balance between flexibility and reliability.  It’s axiomatic that the more complex a system, the more things can go wrong with it.  Flexible systems can handle a wide range of functions without the need for upgrades, but they are most appropriate in the hands of trained operators.  Simpler systems may be more appropriate for clients who need more bullet-proof (or hands-off) operations.
  • Technology is always advancing, and audiovisual systems are destined to not outlive the architectural projects into which they are deployed.  While we should endeavor to well-integrate our audiovisual systems with the architectural design, we also propose considering how AV systems may be maintained or upgraded in the future without significant architectural interventions.  This typically manifests by incorporating future-proofing and tolerance into the architectural and engineering design.
  • As a consultancy, we provide two core independencies:  Our designs are manufacturer-agnostic.  We solve design challenges by balancing the highest-quality and lowest-cost methods.  Our designs are suitable for competitive bid to audiovisual integrators.  By bidding our designs, our clients get the best prices for the best designs.
  • We remain active on our projects during construction and installation.  Our role is typically to oversee the progress and performance of the audiovisual integrator to confirm the installation meets the design intent.  We consider this critical to delivering the best projects.