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January 14, 2020


Clients often ask us how, as a firm who’s partners are active on every project, we work on projects over such a large range of project types, scales and locations. 

For us, the question is not “how” but “why.”  We’re an aggressively curious company, committed to continually learning and improving through our work.  We continue to learn more about the built environment by working on projects at all scales and in different regions.  We take what we learn on large projects and apply that to our smaller projects and vice versa.  By working across the regions of the world, we separate the science of building from its conventions.  We gain a deeper understanding of what’s possible to help push our projects forward.

Now, having dispensed with the “why,” here’s “how:”  We’re as particular about our clients as they are about us.  We do not seek out exclusively large or small projects, local or international projects.  We seek projects with passionate clients that expand our understanding and improve our future work.  By being selective, we can work on the right kinds of projects, large and small, without losing the core of our business, providing dedicated attention to all of our projects.